about printmaking

Printmaking is one of the old crafts from medieval times, used to produce books and bibles for mass production. Over time some artists found greater interest in the beautiful appearance of prints. It became more popular for the artists to produce limited prints.
Ukiyoe, Japanese wood block prints, had also been initially used for mass publishing, then some of the publishers started to produce limited editions by popular artists for merchandise production…..more
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floating series
This series represents my ideology of nature. It is an interpretation of my voice and language in different organic shapes and forms through meditation. I explore my emotional…..more
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This series is multi-plate monoprints. Basically, monoprints are directly applied etching inks on a copper plate (or any flat surface will work). This is put through a middle printing…..more
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essential voyage series
This series was intended to represent a harmonised sense of nature within orderly compositions and colour combinations. Each image was created…..more
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innate series
This series' sub title is 'subconscious fortune’. It explores my abstracted inner emotive spiritualties in nature based on Japanese religious aesthetic aspects….more
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harmony series
This series represents the themes of the four seasons using emblematic colours for each season. It portrays the aesthetic aspects of Japan’s traditional religious culture…..more