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ellipsis series
In this series I follow the Shinto Animist tradition of using elements of landscape to represent larger nature spirits. These elements both come between…..more
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spheres series
In this series I use dynamic calligraphic brush strokes that create an intricate sense with layers of paint. I also use polychromos (permanent lead) pencils to give…..more
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ethereality series
Each of this series' landscapes has an individual title. I used layers of paint on canvas to create an intricate sense on the surface. I enjoyed getting lost and found…..more
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cabinet of dreams 1
This series is based on same theme of ellipsis series as colour study in small scale compositions with the sense of minimalism…..more
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cabinet of dreams 2
This series explores small scale compositions. I enjoyed the compound sense of minimalism at this scale. Some of them are related to each other…..more